Indoor Percussion

eNVision is a highly educational, competitive, and rewarding program. Members have the opportunity to receive outstanding instruction from a distinguished staff, tour different parts of the country, and meet people from around the world. Lessons, such as discipline, perseverance, and collaboration will assist members throughout their adolescence and adulthood. Members will learn more about themselves through performance while getting the opportunity to grow as people.

The indoor percussion program competes under the governing organization of Winter Guard International in the Independent Class. We also will compete in the NNIA and NCPA Circuits (affiliated with WGI). These competitions are typically held in a large university gymnasium to enable the use of body movement, drill, elaborate costumes, props, backdrops, and floor coverings. All these elements are used by the ensembles to help set the "stage" and to convey their musical "story" to the audience (a "Theater" type of program). Winter Guard International hosts some of the biggest events on the west coast and the biggest event in the nation; The Winter Guard International World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. This week long event has groups from all over the World in attendance. It is the Olympics of this activity!

eNVision participates in community events to give back to our fans and supporters in our own artistic way. We believe this is key to our continued growth as an organization.

2016-2017 Auditions

  • Sunday September 11, 2016 from 11am-3pm. (CONTACT US  for location)

TO RECEIVE YOUR AUDITION PACKET, YOU MUST PAY YOUR $30 AUDITION FEE USING THE PAYPAL LINK (use PayPal to donate, put your name in the notes field). We will then email you a link to download your audition materials.

  1. The audition will consist of a musical, visual, and performance quality audition in a group setting.
  2. To audition for the group, you must pay your $30 audition fee to receive the audition packet and required paperwork. To get a head start on fundraising, you may also request the fundraising packet be sent to you after receiving your audition packet. Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.
  3. You may not show up to audition without requesting these materials well in advance.
  4. Age restrictions:
    • minimum age we will accept is 14.
    • Maximum age is 22. If you are 23 on or before March 31st, you can not be accepted to the ensemble because of WGI's age restrictions.
  5. To have the best experience possible, please wear movement-appropriate clothing (no baggy clothes, no need to be able to move around comfortably and we need to be able to evaluate how you move). Please also be sure that all long hair is up and out of your face.

Items to be brought to the audition

  • Completed Membership Packet (Casting App, Member Contract, Medical Release, Tuition Payment Plan, Handbook Signature Page). If offered a spot in the cast, you will receive a signed copy of your paperwork.

Anyone who doesn't have all required materials can not be offered a spot in the group.

Tentative Schedule 
(Click the link to download/view)

2016-2017 tentative schedule

We will be casting for the following:

  • Marching Battery instruments include:
    • Snare
    • Tenor
    • Bass
    • Tom-line
    • Cymbals
    • Dancers
  • Front Ensemble instruments include:
    • Marimba
    • Vibes
    • Xylophone
    • Synthesizer
    • Drumset
    • Bass Guitar
    • Auxiliary/Rack

If you show up ready to work hard and with a good attitude, we have a spot for you!

To read the FAQ's, CLICK HERE. If you have any questions or would like any assistance, please CONTACT US

Designers and Coordinators
(Click on a name below to learn more about them)

Program Coordination: David GlydeAaron Hines, and Dave Marvin
Music Composition - Dan Bryan and Aaron Hines
Visual Design - Aaron Hines and Preston Howard

Educational Staff
 (Click on a name below to learn more about them)

Director - Aaron Hines
Front Ensemble Technician - Dan Bryan
Front Ensemble Technician - Shealley Gumiran
Front Ensemble Technician - Erica Wyatt
Front Ensemble Technician - Kathy Marvin
Front Ensemble Technician - Ethan Lane
Snare Technician - Blair Williams
Uppers Technician - Michael Ortega
Tenor Technician - Jonathan Lee
Tenor Technician - Kevin Wilfon
Bass Drum Technician - William Winston
Visual Technician - Trevor Bailey
Visual Technician - Chris Chang
Visual Technician - Nick Kinavey
Visual Technician - Jasmine Bera
Fitness Trainer - Camie Cragg-Lyman

2015-2016 Percussion Cast (*AGEOUT)

Alex Blakley
Andrea Wyatt
Andrew Bigam
April Yvonne Wilday
Austin Atkin
Bella Sloane
Bob Baxter
Carolina Higareda-Sandoval
Cesar Garcia*
Chris Reichholt
Christopher Harris
David Loosley
Emily Schwarz
Emily Steinberg
Gabriel Giannini
Joe Albert
Justin Shebert
Liz Irvin
Michelle Sullivan*
Steven Taylor
Vanessa Higareda

Sample Videos:

eNVision Indoor 2015

eNVision Indoor 2014

eNVision Indoor 2013

eNVision Indoor 2012


2012 Reviews

Moving up five positions from prelims, eNVision (NV) (4th: 89.125 - 2012 "Fans' Favorite") made the most of its opportunity for greatness." -Focus Magazine, PIA Finals Review

2011 Reviews

"eNVision (NV) (1st: 91.70) Here is a group I know appreciated the pleasant weather conditions following this regional. The Independent group from Reno, Nevada once again braved Donner Pass to participate in the Union City Regional. Exploring how technology has shaped communication, eNVision had several effective moments. Accentuated sixteenth note hi-hat underline interesting musical lines. Several four mallet marimba strokes are explored with great results by the well rehearsed front ensemble. Samples and visual concepts help illustrate the theme.", Union City Percussion Regional Review

"With Connected, eNVision (NV) (2011 "Fans' Favorite") gave a lesson on the evolution of telecommunications over the past centuries. Beginning with beeps of Morse code, the group explored the development of methods people have used to transmit information, from the invention of the telephone through the instantaneous speeds of the internet and cellphones. Whether plugged in or wireless, the group made a definite connection with the crowd in this informative and entertaining package.", PIA Finals Review

2010 Reviews

"'I wish I could stop.' Those words from a man feeling powerless over his situation began the program for eNVision Percussion Theatre (NV) with Addiction. Narration described the frustration of those who struggle to break free from the clutches of damaging habits. As the show progressed, the unit recognized the need to change, and in a bright closing section, found a new sense of purpose as they conquered their destructive impulses.", PIA Finals Review

"eNVsion Percussion Theatre (NV) (1st) It is great to see this organization providing a stable opportunity for young percussionists in Northern Nevada. With their 2010 show Addiction, eNVision continues their upward trajectory in both design and performance started just a few years ago. The negative aspects of addiction and a more positive concept of seeking help are portrayed by the members in this well balanced theme. Look for this group to make a strong showing again at WGI finals.", Union City Percussion Regional Review

2009 Reviews

"eNVision Percussion Theater (NV) (7th- 87.888) demonstrated subtle variation both visually and musically with Shades. The tarp featured several shades of bluish-grays, and the costume accents utilized several different varieties of orange and yellow. During a tender ballad portion of the show, the battery utilized tiny tuned bells, giving an unusual high-pitched sonority.", PIA Finals Review

"eNVsion Percussion Theatre (NV) (1st 76.600) eNVsion showed us why they came out on top with their show Shades. The highlight of this show was the different features from the snares, tenors, basses and front ensemble. This group really knows how to put on a show to get the crowd going!", Union City Percussion Regional Review