2014-2015 Casting Auditions

2014-2015 Open-line, B-Line, Guard Casting

  • September 21, 2014 from 9am-4pm. Check-in will begin at 8:30am. We will meet at the University of Nevada, Reno CFA 14 (band room) and then move to the North Parking Lot for rehearsal.

To have the best experience possible, please get familiar with the music and vocabulary listed below. Also, please wear movement-appropriate clothing (no baggy clothes, no jeans...you need to be able to move around comfortably and we need to be able to evaluate how you move). Please also be sure that all long hair is up and out of your faces.

Items to be brought to the audition (click each title to download and print)

  • Completed Membership Packet (Casting App, Member Contract, Medical Release, Tuition Payment Plan)
  • Audition Fee of $30 for non-members (which will be credited to your account if you are accepted into an ensemble).
  • To get a head start on fundraising, download the Fundraising Packet here.

Anyone who doesn't have all required materials can not be offered a spot in the group. We will be casting for the following for all ensembles:

  • Color Guard (Flag, Rifle, Sabre, Dance)
  • Marching Battery (up to 8 Cymbals, 6 Bass Drums, 8 Snare Drums, & 4 Tenor Drums)
  • Front Ensemble (up to 4 Marimbas, 4 Vibraphones, 1 Xylophone, 2 Synthesizers, Drum Set, Bass Guitar, Bells/Crotoles/Aux.)

If you show up ready to work hard and with a good attitude, we have a spot for you!

To read the FAQ's, CLICK HERE. If you have any questions or would like any assistance, please CONTACT US

Click here for more information on the Indoor Program.


Tentative Schedule

(Click the link to download/view)

Open-Line Schedule: 2014-2015 tentative schedule

B-Line Schedule: 2014-2015 tentative schedule

Color Guard: 2014-2015 tentative schedule

Color Guard Vocabulary & Exercises:

Please be familiar with the following:

Drop Spins
Speed Spins (double-time)
8's & 10's (front-to-backs/butterflies)
Carvings (cones)
Tosses (singles, 1 1/2's, doubles, 45's)
Consecutive Spins
Back Hands
Tosses (triples and up on left)

Basic Dance Movement
Jazz Run/Walk
Guard Exercise Instructions
(Click the title below to download)
Guard Exercises


Percussion Vocabulary & Exercises:

Please be familiar with the following:

All four basic strokes (full, down, tap, up).
Music reading skills.
Be able to play to a metronome and move feet in time.
High Level of Sound Quality

Upper battery and top 2 basses:
16th note and triplet rolls.
Paradiddles and combinations (paradiddlediddle, double-paradiddle)
Basic flams and combinations (flam-accents, isolated flams).

Cymbal players should be able to display the strength to accurately control the cymbals for different playing techniques and visuals. They also need to be able to mark-time and play rhythmically accurate.

Open Line Music
Quantum Leap - Snare Drums
Quantum Leap - Tenor Drums
Quantum Leap - Bass Drums
Quantum Leap Audio

Paradise - Snare Drums
Paradise - Tenor Drums
Paradise - Bass Drums
Paradise - Cymbals
Paradise Audio

Open Movement Vocabulary
Forward marching (and at angles) using toe-lead technique
Backwards marching (and at angles)

You must display the strength and stamina to wear your gear and achieve proper technique at tempos of 80-180bpm. Members who can not achieve visually will not be accepted into the Open-line.

Front Ensemble
All four basic strokes (full, down, tap, up).
12 major scales.
Music reading skills.
Be able to play to a metronome in time.
High Level of Sound Quality

Piano, guitar, and drumset players should have something short (30-40 seconds) prepared to show off their skills.

Open Line Music
Block Chords - Bass Guitar
Block Chords - Drumset
Block Chords - Mallet 1 (Xylo-Vibes)
Block Chords - Mallet 2 (Marimba)
Block Chords - Synthesizer
Block Chords Example Audio

Singles - Bass Guitar
Singles - Drumset
Singles - Mallets
Singles - Synthesizer
Singles Example Audio